Yamaha Rhino 700 – Gear Selector Issues

The Rhino we have, is a 2009/10 model. It works hard, used 7 days a week on an Equestrian Property, probably covering 10km daily up and down steep rocky tracks. We also have a Grizzly with 5900 hours and 10,000km on the clock. Both vehicles have never had an engine rebuild, rings, valve clearances of anything doing. Only Oil and Filter Changes. So they have done pretty well all things considering.

Grizzly Hours and Distance, 12826 – 5591.6 HoursYamaha Grizzly 700 - Hours and KM

Yamaha Rhino 700 – Gear Selector

2014-09-04 21.14.20

Yamaha Rhino 700 – 15248Km,  2899.9 Hours
Still Used Daily – Has Oil Leak on Drive Shaft, as Nut Came off Yolk. Will be fixed soon hopefully.

2014-09-04 21.17.29

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